The Desafio Solar Brasil is a race for motor boats powered by solar energy. The first edition of the DSB took place from October 16th to 24th, 2009, in Paraty. In 2010, the first stage of the race took place in the Guanabara bay, in Niteroi, and the second one happened in Cabo Frio, just north of Rio de Janeiro. For the third and final stage of the year, the race returned to its birthplace: Paraty.

The race was inspired by the Frisian Solar Challenge, the first European solar boat race, which takes place every two years in Friesland, in the North of The Netherlands. In 2008, 49 teams divided into 3 classes (A, B and C) took part in the race, including one Brazilian boat, the Copacabana, which finished the race 4th of its class (A).

The Brazilian version of the solar boat race is coordinated by Prof. Fernando Amorim, from the Ocean Engineering department of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Prof. Amorim is actively involved in the development of the nautical industry in Brazil. Through the ‘Polo Náutico’ he manages interdisciplinary teams working on projects in the fields of research, education, social development and the training of qualified workers for the maritime industry.

The Desafio Solar Brasil has the support of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

The Desafio Solar Brasil couldn’t happen without the collaboration of many people, and the support of our sponsors.

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