The third stage of the Desafio Solar Brasil 2010 will take place from 2nd to 5th November in Paraty

After a first stage in Niteroi and a second one in Cabo Frio, the Desafio Solar Brasil is about to return to its birthplace for the third and final stage of the year: the beautiful historical town of Paraty.

In this rather hectic end of year, it was difficult to find a date for the race in Paraty that would suit everyone. We had decided the race would take place on the long weekend of the 1st November, but unfortunately the second round of the presidential elections was also planned for that date! It is compulsory to vote in Brazil, especially for people working in the civil service – and all professors, technicians, University administration assistants etc are civil servants – so there was no way we could keep the race on that date.

On top of that, because it is the end of the academic year here in Brazil, it is exam season, and most of our participants are students in age of taking exams, whether they are university or school-leaving exams…

So, after much debating we decided on the date: the race will start on the 2nd November, with the technical inspection and the prologue, as well as swimming and navigation tests for the pilots. We noticed on the previous stages of the race this year, that most of the pilots do not know how to navigate – indeed for many of them, the race was their first opportunity to set foot in a boat! – so the technical committee decided to carry out a navigation test on the first day of the race, to force the pilots to work on their navigation skills.

The competition will go on over 3 days, with two races per day, starting at around 9am and finishing with the sun at around 6pm. On the 5th November, the last day, after the prize ceremony, there will be a show of the samba singer and musician Clarice Magalhães, on the main square in Paraty.

Thirteen teams, including two teams from the state of Santa Catarina and six from UFRJ, our own university, will be competing in Paraty (the full list of competitors will be published on the website shortly) and we wish good luck and a lot of fun to all of them!